Anne McKenzie Art
London, UK




A contemporary exploration of timeless calligraphic technique and botanical themes. The pieces combine a variety of exquisite papers, seasonal colours and spontaneous yet highly conscious brushstrokes.  Inspired by ideas of painting as meditation and colour as emotionally resonant, the intention behind these works is to create an atmosphere of peaceful natural surroundings.  All of the pieces are designed and created by Anne in her London studio.  Anne is inspired by objects and artwork from around the world and has a fine art degree and a PG Dip in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths.





'...Anne McKenzie has created the most beautiful piece of Art for our new flat in London...every time we go into the room, our faces shine with smiles from the beauty on the wall...' Alicia, London




'...Anne's work remains fresh and imaginative in a way that enables it to 'fit' in any number of locations...' Claire, London




'...Wonderful to work with and a wonderful result - thank you very much, will definitely be back...'  Bruce, London

Red Acer Banners on Xue Shan paper