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Cedrus Libani 3 in the Living Room with Zoe

Pinus Sylvestris 3

Cedrus Libani 3

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Cedrus Deodara 

Pinus Sylvestrus 2

Cedrus Libani 3

Cedrus Libani 1

Hellebore 6

Pinus Sylvestrus 3

Hellebore 6

Cedrus Deodara 2

Cedrus Libani 2

Hellebore 1

Hellebore 2

Hellebore 3

Hellebore 4

Winter Garden


Winter Garden is a series of paintings made in acrylic on Japanese Kozo paper between November 2017 and February 2018.  The deep greens of the Cedar of Lebanon and the Scots Pine are complimented by the foilage of the Hellebores.  The delicate and subtle colours of the Hellebore flowers bring gentle colour to the coldest months.

Detail of Hellebore 5