Anne McKenzie Botanic Calligraphic Art

Cedrus Libani 3 in the Living Room with Zoe

Magnolia Quinquepeta

White Cherry Blossom

White Tulips

Miniature tulips in a glass jug

Apple Blossom

Yoshino Cherry detail

Magnolia x Loebneri detail

Magnolia Cylindrica detail

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Magnolia Quniquepeta

White Tulips

Cedrus Deodara 

Pinus Sylvestrus 2

Miniature Tulips

Magnolia x Loebneri

Cedrus Libani 3

Cedrus Libani 1

White Cherry Blossom

Magnolia Cylindrica

Hellebore 6

Pinus Sylvestrus 3

Apple Blossom

Yoshino Cherry

Cedrus Deodara 2

Cedrus Libani 2

Hellebore 1

Hellebore 2

Hellebore 3

Hellebore 4

Botanical Banners


Botanical Banners is a series of paintings made in acrylic on unbleached Japanese Kozo paper.  Delighting in the changing seasons and painting the trees and plants that are most appealing at that moment.

Detail of Hellebore 5